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Daycare, and Spa Center

About Us

The Green Pup is a family owned and operated 4000 sq ft pet hotel home away from home all in one stop shop located in the heart of Park Slope, Brooklyn. At the Green Pup your pet can experience any one the many services that we offer. We offer a host of activities to ensure a healthy, happy, and enriched experience for dogs of all kinds.

Our Daycare and boarding spreads across 4000 sq ft of an open space cage free area. Rubber epoxy flooring make it gentle for the most rigorous of play. Temperature controlled rooms, a variety of groups, trained staff, pre-screening, and cameras are just a few of our additional features to ensure a safe and happy visit. We also provide a wide range of programs and activities to fit any personality to engage each pup during the day.

Whether its a touch up ,full bath, or a new haircut the Green Pup spa is here to pamper your pet at any time. We even have several a la carte services for the pup on the go. Spa services include massages, and hydrotherapy for any pet that has been injured or is just arthritic.

For that one on one attention a Green Pup walker can visit with your pup and take him/her for a half hour or hour long walk. Our trained certified staff is knowledgeable to handle all animals, different situations, and any medical necessities.

The Green Pup has a full line store filled with food and supplies. We offer free delivery and discounts to members.

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The Green Pup is committed to achieving quality daycare for all pets. By creating a loving happy atmosphere the Green Pup will establish a happy community of pets.

Contact Us

  • 544 Union Street, Brooklyn, NY, USA


Receive 10% off on all services for 2nd pet

FULL day $42
Half Day (up to 5 1/2 hours) $27

Daycare Packages
10 day $360............... $36 per day
15 day $510................$34 per day
20 day $660................$32 per day
30 day $880................$29 per day
40 day $1080..............$27 per day

Half Day Package (up to 5 1/2 hours)

15 Half Day $375.......$25 per day

Feline Daycare/Boarding at Green Pup $25 per day Boarding Cats $5 additional weekends $8 Additional Holiday
Bird Sitting at Green Pup $25 per day $5 additional weekends $8 Additional Holiday

There will be a late fee of $20 per hour for any pet that is picked up after 8pm. Any pet at/after 10pm will be considered boarding.


Ten consecutive nights or more receive 10%
2 dogs and ten consecutive nights or more receives 15%

$65 per night
Add $5 Weekends
Add $8 Holidays
Add $3 Medical Admin/Pill Admin

Meals available during boarding $5 per meal

Snacks During Boarding
Ice Cream- Vanilla or Coco $5
Stuffed Kong- chicken, Beef, and/or peanut butter $7

Boarding Packages No extra charge for weekends  Holidays Add $8
Open to Green Pup Members Only
All prepaid nights must be used within 5 months of purchase
10 Night $600 ....$60
20 Night $1120...$56
30 Night $1620...$54
40 Night $2000...$50

Street walks while boarding (Optional) $11 half hour and $14 hour

Feline Boarding $25 per night $3 additional weekends $5 additional holidays

Private Suites
4x6 $80 Holiday Add $8
5x8 $90 Holiday Add $8
8x8 $100 Holiday Add $8

Dog walking
Indiv $28 Hour $18 Half Hour
Group $23 Hour and $20 Half Hour

Private Walking Packages
5 walks $22 Hour 2 walks $24
Weekend/Holidays/Off Peak $30

Group Walking Packages
5 walks $16 Hour 2 walks $18
Weekend/Holidays/Off peak $24

Because no two dogs are the same, dog-grooming prices may vary by breed, age, hair length, weight, temperament, and special needs.

Bath plus haircut starts at $70 length of hair, tangles, and manageability will affect price
Regular Coconut Bath only
Up to 40 lbs $45
41-80 lbs $50
81-100 $55
100 plus $60

Hypoallergenic Bath (No scent) Add $5

Deshedding Bath Add $25

Flea Bath Add $15

Medicated Bath Add $15

Bath only $50
Bath+Cut/Shave $70
Cut/Shave only $65

Specialty baths
Rosemary/Eucalyptus $55
Brightening $55
Milk $55

Green Pup Royal Treatment Packages

Rejuvenate: Whirlpool bath/Condition wrap, and Aromatherapy massage $99
Renew: Whirlpool bath/Lavender Facial $120

MINI (in between) groom- $40 (Does not include a bath) Quick trim of the face,feet, and buttock

Spa a la carte 
Sports pawdicure $15
Spa Pawdicure $15
Deluxe Pawdicure $17
Oral hygiene $12
Sanitary Shave $15
Cucumber Facial $12
Body Wrap $13
Paw/Nose Massage $8
Anal Expression $18
Ear Pluck $14

Reiki $30 for 30 min
Hip and Joint massage +Bath $70
T Touch ranges $30- $50 30 min $50-$70 1 hr
Aromatherapy $25 focus on paw and nose

Deep Conditioning Wraps:

Hot oil /Mud/ Sauna $35

Hydrotherapy  Whirlpool bath $125 45 min


All visits are approximate 20 min includes change litter, feeding, playing.
In home non medical visits cat care $25 for first two cats $5 additional 3 or more cats. Includes one to two visits. For third visit $5 additional.

Medical visits for cats/or dogs: Insulin administration, medical admin/care, pill administration $7 additional.

All visits are approximate 20 min includes feeding, and relief walk. $30 Add $10 for 2nd visit same day.

Birds: All visits are approximate 20 min includes cleaning cage, feeding, fresh water. $30 Add $10 for 2nd visit same day.

Overnight Pet sitting in your home 

One Pet $95
Up to 2 Dogs or/and Cats $105
More than 2 pets Add $15

Add $3 Medical Admin/Pill Admin

Membership  Annual fee $150

Year Round Benefits...
Receive 12% off year round on all services including the retail pet store.
Discounted Boarding Package availability
Free membership in the toy of the month club

Shuttle service

Pick up/drop off service Price depends on location. Ranges from $10-14 weekly.

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In order to keep it safe for all guests, all dogs and cats must be current on: 
  •  vaccines at all times 
  • flea/tick and heartworm prevention
  • spayed or neutered
Vaccine Certificate must be presented during time of sign up.

Vaccine Requirements:

Dogs: Rabies, Distemper, Bordetella
Cats: Rabies, FVRCP

Summer Fun

During the warm months we have many new and fun activities to entertain your pup. The dogs have access to a 12x4 foot swimming pool,  and have lots of hose play for those who enjoy water a different way.  We provide daily swimming lessons for all.
There are many benefits of swimming. It helps to maintain a healthy weight, provides hip and joint-friendly exercise on a regular basis, works cardiovascular and respiratory systems, lifts spirits and improves mental well-being. This is the perfect exercise for anyone who has been injured or just arthritic.
On bubble day we have fun playing with bubbles from our bubble machine. This provides great exercise while having a great time playing in a different way.
Pictures and Videos are always provided.

Summer Fun Summer Fun Summer Fun

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