Receive 10% off on all services for 2nd pet

FULL day $33
Half Day (up to 4 hours) $14

Daycare Packages
10 day $310............... $31 per day
15 day $480................$32 per day
30 day $880................$29 per day
40 day $1080..............$27 per day

Feline daycare $25 per day
Bird sitting at Green Pup $25 per day

There will be a late fee of $20 per hour for any pet that is picked up after 8pm. Any pet still here at/after 10pm will be considered boarding.


Ten nights or more receive 10%
2 dogs and ten nights or more receives 15%

$65 per night $5 more on weekends
$8 more on holidays
$3 medical admin/pill admin

Meals available during boarding $5 per meal

Snacks During Boarding
Ice Cream- Vanilla or Coco $5
Stuffed Kong- chicken, Beef, and/or peanut butter $7

Boarding Packages No extra charge for weekends  Holidays Add $8
Open to Green Pup Members Only
10 Night $600 ....$60
20 Night $1120...$56
30 Night $1620...$54
40 Night $2000...$50

Street walks while boarding (optional) $11 half hour and $14 hour

Feline Boarding $25 per night $3 additional weekends $5 additional holidays

Private Suite
4x6 $80 Holiday Add $8

Dog walking
Indiv/group $20 half hour and $23 hour
Walking Packages  5 walks $13   2 walks $17
Weekend/Holidays/Off peak $24

Because no two dogs are the same, dog-grooming prices may vary by breed, age, hair length, weight, temperament, and special needs.

Bath plus haircut starts at $70 length of hair, tangles, and manageability will affect price
Regular Coconut Bath only up to 40 lbs $45
41-80 lbs $50
81-100 $55
100 plus $60

Hypoallergenic Bath (No scent) Add $5

Deshedding Bath Add $15

Flea Bath Add $15

Medicated Bath Add $15

Bath only $50
Bath+Cut/Shave $70
Cut/Shave only $65

Specialty baths
Rosemary/Eucalyptus $55
Brightening Spa $55
Milk $55

Green Pup Royal Treatment Packages

Rejuvenate: Whirlpool bath/Condition wrap, and Aromatherapy massage $99
Renew: Whirlpool bath/Lavender Facial $120

MINI (in between) groom- $40 (Does not include a bath) Quick trim of the face,feet, and buttock

Spa a la carte 
Sports pawdicure $15
Spa Pawdicure $15
Deluxe Pawdicure $17
Oral hygiene $12
Sanitary Shave $15
Cucumber Facial $12
Body Wrap $13
Paw/Nose Massage $8
Anal Expression $18
Ear Pluck $14

Reiki $30 for 30 min
Hip and Joint massage +Bath $70
T Touch ranges $30- $50 30 min $50-$70 1 hr
Aromatherapy $25 focus on paw and nose

Deep Conditioning Wraps:

Hot oil /Mud/ Sauna $35

Hydrotherapy  Whirlpool bath $125 45 min


All visits are approximate 20 min includes change litter, feeding, playing.
In home non medical visits cat care $25 for first two cats $5 additional 3 or more cats. Includes one to two visits. For third visit $5 additional.

Medical visits for cats/or dogs: Insulin administration, medical admin, pills $7 additional.

All visits are approximate 20 min includes feeding, and relief walk. $30 Add $10 for 2nd visit same day.

Birds: All visits are approximate 20 min includes cleaning cage, feeding, fresh water. $30 Add $10 for 2nd visit same day.

Membership  Annual fee $150

Year round benefits
Receive 12% off yearound on grooming, boarding and the retail pet store. Free membership for the toy of the month club.

Shuttle service

Pick up/drop off service Price depends on location. Ranges from $10-14 weekly.